Trees can be the most beautiful organic addition to your yard...

but what about when trees become a danger to your family?

Diseased trees or overgrown trees can present a hazard by attracting various insects and encouraging a proximity to hurricanes and other inclement weather. Since 1972 Westheimer Tree & Crane Experts is a professional tree service company with trained technicians prepared to assess your tree’s needs and provide services in a variety or areas including: tree trimming, cutting and fertilization. We are a proud hurricane tested disaster relief team and have a 24 hour emergency storm damage crew. We specialize in tree removal, stump grinding, tree trunk removal and tree stump removal services. Call us today for a free estimate!

Our equipment is durable enough to handle any tree job or disaster. Westheimer Tree & Crane uses strong and reliable crane lifts on all trees deemed as “dangerous” but we accommodate customers by offering various tree removal methods including construction and air conditioning lifts. Our professional trimming is geared at beautification. Let our trained professionals diagnose and fertilize your endangered tree.

We believe in your yard’s ability to be a safe haven for your entire family. Our goal is to help you maintain your trees by removing the diseased or overgrown trees in order to make room for new, healthy trees. Our company maintains general liability and Texas Worker’s Compensation insurance. Don’t let that overgrown or diseased tree block your grass from receiving the sun and nutrients it needs to grow successfully. Your yard may be in danger which could lead to a potential danger for your family. Don’t let unwanted trees interrupt those summer barbecues in the backyard.

Westhiemer Tree & Crane Experts is recommended by Angie's List.

Call Westheimer Tree & Crane Experts use our experience and expertise to provide you with the most up-to-date tree removal, trimming and fertilization services. Our goal is to protect your family and greenery from disease as a result of dying and overgrown trees.

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